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We know that the internet is the wild, wild west and the options out there are daunting and endless. Source Your Systems is a company that has the best platform experts, researchers, and implementers; we help scale your own vision to make sure you’re automating and systemizing your business. Whether you’re newly in business or in your 10th year, Source Your Systems is here to help you take it to the next level.

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Kiri began working as an assistant when she was 15 years old, gradually shifting to a corporate Executive Assistant, and finally running her own successful Virtual Assistant company. Clients would often reach out in need of VA services and after a while, Kiri was able to figure out which client actually needed a Virtual Assistant and which ones only thought they needed a VA.

It turns out, quite a few of her clients just needed an organized flow to the administrative side of their business. Source Your Systems began as a side business, helping those that needed to set up and implement the operational part of their dream, and then became something so much larger.

In her spare time, Kiri likes to write and engage in all things Star Wars (she’s a huge fan; you can see her personal blog here), watch Disney+, eat olives and drink tea (never coffee). Kiri is a proud alumna of Mount Holyoke college and her family includes her amazing husband, daughter and dog, who all reside in Massachusetts – home of the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

Kind Words From Clients

Having the right systems in place, and at the right time, are critical for a company’s growth. We worked with Source Your Systems to identify the best project management and HR systems for our business. Kiri at SYS guided us – asking all the right questions to define our objectives – not about what we wanted technology to do, but what business outcomes we wanted to achieve. With our business goals in mind, she did deep research, evaluated options, outlined pros and cons of various approaches, and made a final recommendation for what would best fit our needs. Each time she was spot on and saved us weeks’ worth of research and time away from our core business, but most importantly, we had the systems in place for our business to grow and thrive.
Christina Divigard

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